Operational Support

The purpose of operations support units (OSU) is to support the State Emergency Service (SES) and other agencies by providing operational and incident management support during emergencies. This support may be provided at local, district and state levels as required.


SES - Roles - Operations Support - Communications, Pt PirieOperational support consists, but is not limited to:

  • Provide trained personnel to assist SES units and regional duty officer(s) to deal with local emergencies and to support incident management teams (IMT) for larger events by undertaking roles and responsibilities as required
  • Deploy mobile communications vehicle and provide effective communications and support for SES or other agency operational and incident control activities
  • Provide training and education to other units, individuals or groups in subjects relevant to the activities of the OSU (eg, communications and radio operation).

OSU members may perform a variety of activities including:

  • Support operational communications at unit level
  • Support tasking and triaging activities in multi-unit and multi-agency incidents
  • Undertake field communications to support an incident controller for tactical operations such as land search and for major events
  • Provide incident management support, including logistical and administrative support.