Interested in applying for a position with SASES?

Looking for a rewarding career? The South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES) advertise all publicly available positions on the I Work For SA website. Select “State Emergency Service” on the Agency dropdown tab to find all of our currently available positions.

Applying for a position with SASES:

  • All applications will need to be submitted online via I Work For SA.
  • When applying for a position it is important to clearly demonstrate how your skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience meet the requirements of the position. This means addressing the Selection Criteria.
  • The information obtained from your online application, the interview and other assessment, including skills tests; enable the selection panel to assess the merit of the applicants.

Type of jobs available in the SASES

The SASES employ a range of people with a variety of skills and varying backgrounds.
Our corporate areas include positions in the areas of:

  • Corporate planning
  • Media and communications
  • Community engagement
  • Research and planning
  • Finance
  • Operations (response, hazard management, mitigation)
  • Infrastructure (e.g. fleet management)
  • Volunteer support
  • Learning and development
  • Executive services.

Volunteering can boost your career by expanding your networks and by providing you with highly valued skills and experience. Please consider joining your local SES Unit as a volunteer member.