Flood and Swiftwater Rescue

swift water rescue videoSwiftwater rescue is the rescue of persons from fast moving water in areas such as stormwater drains, canals, rivers, creeks or flooded fords. It involves many rescue techniques and includes the use of rope throw lines and suitably equipped and trained rescuers entering the water to perform the rescue.

Click on the photo to view a short film of a recent training exercise. To see more images visit the Swiftwater rescue team in action page. 

Fast moving water can create an extremely dangerous situation for both the victim and rescuers.

SES has trained personnel able to respond to any flood or swiftwater incident. For more information about being prepared in the event of a flood visit the Flood Emergency page.

Rescuers train in:

  • Self-rescueTechniques
  • Swiftwater Hydrology & Dynamics
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Technical Rescue Equipment
  • Knots & Anchors
  • Hazard Identification & Safety Orientation
  • Swimming - Defensive & Offensive
  • Throwbag Rescues
  • Contact Rescues
  • Towed Rescues
  • Shallow Water Crossings
  • Pinning Type Rescues
  • Foot Entrapment Rescues
  • Tyrolean Rope System with Boat on Tether

Rescuers must be medically fit for the task, have good roping skills, be a strong swimmer and be very confident in fast moving water. To find out more about becoming a SES volunteer phone 1300 364 587 or complete the referral form online and click on the 'submit' button I-want-to-be-an-SES-member in South Australia and you will then be referred to your nearest Unit.

To find your nearest SES unit click here.