State Emergency Service Animal Rescue Volunteers

Large animals (any animal that would require two or more people to lift it) can find themselves in a range of situations that end up requiring help from humans. This could be getting stuck in a gate, fallen down into an old mine shaft, as a result of a vehicle accident or simply from getting bogged in the mud. State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers from selected units across the state have been trained in a range of techniques to keep themselves, the public and the animal safe as there is a very real risk of injury to untrained rescuers and the risk of injury or death to the animal through poor animal handling and poor rescue techniques.

The techniques and equipment used by SES volunteers have been endorsed by animal welfare/veterinarian bodies across the globe. As we work very closely with the attending veterinarian at an incident, training is also provided to veterinarians and University of Adelaide veterinary students.

Large Animal Rescue

To register your interest in becoming a SES Large Animal Rescue Volunteer complete our volunteer registration form or call 1300 364 587.