SES volunteer helping with Air Search ObservationsThe State Emergency Service (SASES) has 30 specially trained air search observer volunteers trained across the state to assist 'Australian Search & Rescue' (AusSAR) and South Australia Police (SAPOL) in undertaking searches for missing people over land and water. These volunteers are drawn from units which can respond to Adelaide airport within 30 minutes.

Air observing is a very demanding task both mentally and physically, requiring intense concentration over extended periods of time. Other tasking's that these teams are called in to assist with include Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon or Personal Locator Beacon activation's, and shark spotter beach patrols.

Air search observers must:An air search observer ready for duty

  • Have normal vision including colour vision.
  • Not be prone to motion sickness.
  • Be fit for the task (as attested to by their local GP).
  • Maintain a current flight logbook.
  • Participate in skills maintenance flights on a regular basis.
  • Participate in theory and practical access/egress and water survival training.

To register your interest in becoming an SASES Air Search Observer fill out our volunteer registration form or call 1300 364 587.