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Rescue Volunteer


Operational roles are the most common SES volunteering roles in South Australia.Two operational SES volunteers pumping flood water 

Operational volunteers respond to incidents resulting from storms and floods. Operational volunteers take measures to prevent injury and death, and mitigate property damage from storms and floods. Once trained, you can expect to respond to any one of the following activities:

  • Securing damaged building and structures, including damaged roofs.
  • Safe removal of fallen trees or trees posing risk to property and/or life.
  • Rescuing injured or trapped people resulting from storms.
  • Maintenance and use of storm response equipment.
  • Working in a team, including leading and assisting other emergency services (i.e. CFS) and SASES units.
  • Promote SASES amongst the local community and educate the community on the dangers of storm damage, including flood.
  • Road crash rescue.
  • Vertical rescue.
  • Marine rescue.

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Benefits of volunteering


Challenge yourself by learning new skills in chainsaw operations, land search, vertical rescue and much more.


Receive free, nationally recognised training including first aid, Certificate III in Public Safety and much more.


Receive real world experience out in the community to help you with your career aspirations or just to do something different.


Give back to your local community and help them in their time of need. You can also help build community resilience through educating your neighbours on how to prepare and respond to severe weather.

Team Work

Become part of a dynamic team environment and meet new people.  Train together on a regular basis and build valuable relationships.