Mounted Search and Rescue

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Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) is an integral part of the State Emergency Service (SES) land search response since the late 1990's. Deploying trained and accredited land search operations personnel on horseback can greatly enhance search capabilities through their ability to cover large areas of terrain, often faster than searches on foot, and their increased line of sight.

Primarily located within the Kapunda SES Unit, riders and their mounts travel across the state to assist in searches and participate in public relations activities.

Members attend regular training in a range of other SES skills, not just those related to mounted operations. The horses, which are privately owned by the member, are evaluated before becoming operational to ensure it will be safe in the presence of people and other animals. Specialist MSAR training is provided to prepare their mounts for many circumstances, including but not limited to traffic, different types of terrain, startling objects, and crowds of people, in order to ensure each horse performs safely and efficiently in a search incident.


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