Marine Rescue

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Marine Rescue Volunteer

Marine Rescue Volunteers play a vital role in protecting the safety of South Australian boat users by conducting water based search and rescue activities, and by assisting mariners in non-emergency situations such as break downs.

Sea Rescue Volunteer


Marine Rescue Volunteers perform a range of activities such as:

  • Search and rescue. Searching waterways for missing people.
  • Rescue. People from boats and waterways.
  • Ferrying people. Moving people from one location to another in emergency situations.
  • Assisting other emergency services with operations. Transporting of emergency service personnel and police.
  • Assisting mariners in non-emergency situations (e.g. breakdown).


For information about marine volunteering opportunities currenlty avalible near your fill out the Volunteer Registration Form or call 1300 364 587.

Benefits of Volunteering


Marine Rescue Volunteers learn practical hands-on skills such as: sea survival, vessel handling and coastal navigation.


Marine Rescue Volunteers receive free, nationally recognised training including First Aid, Certificate III in Public Safety and much more.


Marine Rescue Volunteers receive real world marine experience and have the opportunity to develop discipline and leadership skills that can help you land your dearm job.


Give back to your local community and help them in their time of need. You can also help build community resilience through educating your neighbours on how to prepare and respond to severe weather.

Team Work

Become part of a dynamic team environment and meet new people.  Train together on a regular basis and build valuable relationships.