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Voices of the Volunteers

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Following is a selection of videos of stories of volunteers and what they do, and what being a volunteer with the SA SES means to them.

Meet Gemma, who is a volunteer with the Loxton SES. Gemma describes what being a volunteer means to her and her family.

Nathan is a volunteer with the Port Pirie SES. He believes in helping his community, and explains how volunteering has given him skills that he has been able to transfer across into his work life.

Emma is a volunteer with the Tumby Bay SES unit. Here, she explains how her passion is volunteering with the SES, and how she feels a deep connection with the other members of the SES.



More videos and media clips that feature the SA SES and what we do

Icon Multimedia video2015 State Rescue Challenge

Held over two days in May, 2015, the State Rescue Challenge involved teams from eight South Australian SES units competing against each other in a variety of realistic emergency situations and rescue scenarios. ACCESS HERE.

Icon Multimedia videoDo you have what it takes

This is a recruitment video produced by SAFECOM Volunteer Services Branch with volunteers from South Coast unit. ACCESS HERE

Icon Multimedia videoAFAC Young Volunteers Testimonials

Why are the next generation so important to emergency management volunteering? These seven ambassadors have stepped up to the challenge and tell us what it means to be part of the industry. See what they say, share your thoughts, get involved! ACCESS HERE

Icon Multimedia videoAlzheimer's Australia SA

Late last year the SASES was approached to become involved in a short film which illustrate situations in our lives where we may encounter people with dementia.  The idea is to create broad awareness of this disease. 
The scenario involved an evacuation of a street which was under threat of flood. While evacuating the street SASES volunteers come across Irene, a woman suffering from dementia. You can watch the film featuring the SASES - The Evacuation ACCESS HERE.

Icon Multimedia videoFinding out about the SES - ABC's Behind the News, report Kirsty Bennet 

Whenever these disasters happen there are lots of people helping out. And many of them are volunteers.
So why do some people feel compelled to give up their time to help others. We sent Kirsty to train with the volunteers at the State Emergency Service to find out - ACCESS THE REPORT HERE.

Icon Multimedia videoCadets - ABC's Behind the News, report Catherine Ellis

Let's talk about a story where kids are actually being encouraged to get into trouble but for all the right reasons. School kids will be trained to help out in emergencies like severe storms and floods. They'll be part of what's called the SES. It sounds pretty interesting so Catherine thought she'd find out all about it! - ACCESS THE REPORT HERE

Icon Multimedia videoSES and the DACC

A film that shows how well the SES works with the Australian Defence Force  in practicing for actual emergencies - ACCESS HERE