2015 State Rescue Challenge

SES State Rescue Challenge 2015Held every second year, the State Rescue challenge is a gruelling two-day event with teams facing a number of realistic emergency situations and rescue scenarios.

A number of teams from across the state took part in the competition which was held on 16th and 17th May 2015 at the South Australian Country Fire Service State Training Centre.

This year's scenarios included a mass casualty exercise involving a place crash, extricating a dummy trapped between two cars, using sandbags to protect evidence at a crime scene and an evidence search inside a blacked out building.

SES Media Relase - State Rescue Challenge

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50-second brief highlights reel.


3-minutes in length, gives all the best aspects of the Challenge.


7 minutes in length, goes into detail about most aspects of the competition.


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State Rescue Challenge 2015 Awards .......

1st Place - Tea Tree Gully

Runner up - Edinburgh & Tea Tree Gully composite

Best Team Leader - David Zakrzewski (Tea Tee Gully unit)

1st placement for stands

Stand 1 - Winching - Tea Tree Gully

Stand 2 - Storm damage - Edinburgh & Tea Tree Gully composite

Stand 3 - Tow truck rescue - Tea Tree Gully

Stand 4 - Water tank rescue - Yorke & Mid North district composite

Stand 5 - Building evidence search - Edinburgh & Tea Tree Gully composite

Stand 6 - Rescue from depths - Tea Tree Gully

Stand 7 - Protect and preserve incident scene - Tea Tree Gully

Stand 8 - Mass casualty - Tea Tree Gully


The teams......