SES members are invited to attend regular training evenings and exercises run by the Unit they join.

Metropolitan Adelaide Units usually train for 2.5 hours each week, whilst most country Units train for one evening a fortnight. On average Units conduct a full day exercise on a Saturday or Sunday once every two to three months. For more information on SA SES volunteer training opportunities near you, contact your local SA SES Unit.

In addition to the training commitment, members are expected to respond to operational callouts as they occur.

The training provided for SES members may include:SA SES Training

  • Rescue in all forms including search and rescue
  • Storm damage relief
  • Communications
  • Map reading and navigation
  • Operations Centre duties
  • Reconnaissance and observation
  • Leadership and instructional methods


To register your interest in volunteering with the SA SES fill out our Volunteer Registration Form, Call 1300 354 587 or email

SA SES RTO Code: 40242