Volunteer Roles


We're the people you sometimes see on television, helping out in cases of emergency, especially when it comes to storm and flood response. Volunteers provide emergency response to the community of South Australia 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Membership is open to men and women with a reasonable degree of physical fitness, health and a passion to get involved with their community.


At the SES, it's a real team effort and we need lots of team players with different skills

SES volunteers responding to flooding on South Terrace, Adelaide, 2014


We train our volunteers to deal with all kinds of emergencies including:
 - flood (including tsunami) response - Providing advice, evacuation, rescue and essential supplies.
 - storm response - Securing and covering damaged roofs, removing fallen trees and rescuing trapped people
 - search and rescue - Rescuing people from vehicle crashes, cliffs, confined spaces and marine situations, SES also often assists SA Police with searches. 
For more information access the 'What SES does' page.

volunteer with our operational support unit. NON-OPERATIONAL ROLES
Volunteers who do not wish to participate in rescue activities, or are concerned regarding their physical fitness but still want to get involved, are encouraged to apply as 'operational support'.  Our operational support members provide a range of services to units, such as:
 - radio monitoring and communications
 - community education
 - media and public relations
 - incident management and logistics
 - administration and finance.
SES Cadets from Enfield unit

If you are between 13 and 18 years old you can join the SES as a cadet. As a cadet you will be trained by qualified and experienced volunteers in a wide variety of skills which may include:
- using ladders, ropes and lighting equipment
- using SES radios
- map reading
- basic first aid
Please note; not all Units run a cadet program, more information can be found on the 'SES Cadets' page.

VMR exercise, SES and associations

In addition to SES units who have a marine search and rescue capability the emergency services work with six independently incorporated VMR associations. These associations have flotilla's strategically located throughout the state and operate a number of coastal listening stations to monitor marine radio frequencies.


To find out more about joining a VMR SES unit CONTACT US

To find out more about joining a VMR association, contact the association directly, contact details can be found HERE.


Voices of the Volunteers

For those with visual or hearing difficulties, these videos are captioned. To turn on the captions, click the 'Subtitles/CC' button in the bottom right of the YouTube browser. This is a toggle switch; to turn them off, simply click again.

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Following is a selection of videos of stories of volunteers and what they do, and what being a volunteer with the SA SES means to them.

Meet Gemma, who is a volunteer with the Loxton SES. Gemma describes what being a volunteer means to her and her family.

Nathan is a volunteer with the Port Pirie SES. He believes in helping his community, and explains how volunteering has given him skills that he has been able to transfer across into his work life.

Emma is a volunteer with the Tumby Bay SES unit. Here, she explains how her passion is volunteering with the SES, and how she feels a deep connection with the other members of the SES.



For any paid staff vacancies, please access the South Australian Government's Notice of Vacancies website.