How to apply


ICON - Number 1 - blue

Is there an SES unit close to where you live or work?
Due to emergency response times required, volunteers should live or work within a reasonably close travelling distance from the unit.  This requirement is less important for non-operational volunteers. FIND A UNIT

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Are you interested in an OPERATIONAL or a NON-OPERATIONAL role? 
Our units have roles available for both operational (general) and non-operational (support) volunteers.  Both are as equally important to saving lives and property.  The two roles have different training pathways, expectations of response and level of fitness required. View the different types of VOLUNTEER ROLES available

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Read the background information; SES Code of Conduct / Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities
More information if you need it;  Fact Sheet - Legal Protection /  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) / Employing Emergency Services Volunteers booklet.

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Contact Us

For a referral or to enquire about your nearest unit to find out if they are recruiting, give us a call on 1300 364 587, or complete the expression of interest form online.



Next Steps and Membership Process


Come along

Attend 'Unit Information Night' or meet your local Volunteer Unit Manager for an informal chat.  We're a friendly bunch but why not bring along a friend for moral support, you could both end up applying!  Here you can discuss the skills you bring and the commitment that you are able to give, but also find out more about what the unit does and if your expectations will be met. 


Form filling

- Membership application

- Confidential Criminal History Records Check

All prospective volunteers are required to complete these forms and consent to a Confidential Criminal History Records Check which is conducted by the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM).  Forms will be provided by the unit and checks are free of charge.  For answers to frequently asked questions regarding National Police Checks ACCESS HERE.  The Unit Manager or delegate will consider your application with regard to the roles available and recommend your application or suggest other volunteering organisations more suited to your needs.


Welcome, you're now an SES probationary volunteer!

Once checks are finalised, and the Unit Manager has recommended membership, you will then be accepted as a probationary volunteer member of the SES.  Your unit will invite you to attend training and on your first night a senior member will show you around and introduce you to other members.


Induction and SES skills training

Within the first six weeks you will be introduced to a range of practical skills which you will be able to use while assisting at incidents or at the unit.  You'll learn about dynamic risk assessments, ladders, knots, emergency lighting and the vehicles and other equipment used by the SES.  In addition you will be given a volunteer email account, access to our online learning packages, and provided with the necessary uniform and protective equipment.


Able to respond

After successful completion of induction and SES level 1 skills training, under supervision you will be able to attend emergency incidents and assist.  A great opportunity to continue expanding your knowledge and skills by learning on the job. 


Completion of probation period

Following a minimum period of three months from your start date and successful completion of training, your probationary period will be completed. This time frame can be extended if extra support is needed.  From here you will be able to further develop your skills by attending other training courses to progress your career in the SES. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016