SES volunteers help with localised flooding on South Terrace in Adelaide.

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Welcome to the SES

Through the key response principles of Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PPRR), the SES has made a significant contribution to community safety in South Australia for more than 50 years.
Our 1700 volunteer members at units across the state respond to a range of emergencies including storm damage, flooding, extreme heat, road crashes and land searches and provide invaluable assistance to other emergency service agencies.
The SES is always looking to increase its capacity to respond and, as a result, is continually on the lookout for new members. Click here if you would like further information

In recent years the ADF has turned its attention to civilian needs inside Australia.

The ADF has, for many years, contributed to overseas disaster and humanitarian relief.

The need was then identified to support the civilian community inside the nation's borders. This is known as DACC, or Defence Aid to the Civilian Community.

The ADF exercises these skills with civilian organisations ranging from Police, SES, MFS and CFS.

The primary aim of the exercises is to test the way in which those organisations can work together to provide the needed relief.

This film shows how well the SES works with the ADF in practicing for actual emergencies.



The SES and the ADF

Become an SES volunteer, and see yourself turn into something truly remarkable. This link will take you to a page with videos from serving volunteers explaining what it is they do, and why they do it.