Before the Storm Hits

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How can I prepare


The number of calls to the South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES) and insurance claims may be reduced by up to two-thirds when the community conducts basic housekeeping around homes or businesses prior to a storm. Things you can do now to reduce the cost of storms:

  • Prepare your emergency plan
  • Inspect and fix fences, roofs and gutters and remove loose materials
  • Clean gutters and downpipes frequently
  • Seal cracks in building foundations and exterior walls
  • Keep branches near your home and powerlines trimmed
  • Check that you have adequate insurance cover for your building and contents
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers near the telephone (for a flood or storm emergency call the SES on 132 500)
  • Prepare an emergency kit and place it where you can find it easily
  • Learn how and when to turn off the utility mains such as gas, electricity and water
  • Keep your yard and balcony/patio free from clutter, eg, move outdoor furniture to a safe location such as the garage
  • Make contact with neighbours to ensure they are appropriately prepared
  • Bring children and pets indoors
  • Park your car undercover and away from trees


It is important that the occupants of the household are also prepared and that children understand these arrangements and your pets are catered for:

  • Meet with your family to develop an emergency plan
  • Explain the dangers of high water, fast moving water and flooding to children
  • Plan and practice an evacuation route
  • Establish a safe meeting point in case of a sudden emergency
  • Discuss how you will care for pets in the event you leave your home
  • Learn how and when to turn off the utility mains such as gas, electricity and water
  • Develop your emergency plan now