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South Australia is regularly subjected to severe weather conditions.

Severe weather can affect all parts of the state both in the form of widespread synoptic storms and more localised severe thunderstorms. Both phenomena can give rise to heavy rainfall, destructive wind, hail and lightning, all capable of causing significant damage and, in certain circumstances, deaths.

The South Australian State-Level Storm Emergency Risk Assessment has identified that the highest risk is likely to come from a widespread synoptic storm giving rise to multiple severe thunderstorm cells impacting on the highly populated Adelaide metropolitan area and adjacent Adelaide Hills communities.

In South Australia both Storm and Flood damage often have higher average annual costs than bushfires.

Storms can also give rise to tornadoes and South Australia has suffered from a number of these events impacting on populated areas. Penola, Karoonda, Renmark and Port Broughton have all suffered significant damage as a result of destructive tornadoes hitting their towns.

What can you do?

Communities and individuals cannot rely on government alone to prepare for and respond to extreme storm. By knowing what to do before, during and after an extreme storm you can help reduce the effects on you, your family, home and business.