Information for Schools and Youth

The South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) is committed to assisting the community to build their resilience to floods and storms. Through education and awareness people can increase their capacity to deal with extreme weather events.


The FloodSafe program is a collaborative approach to utilising the services of the State Emergency Service volunteers and funding through councils and government. These volunteers and many other SES volunteers within units throughout rural South Australia are available to visit local schools and school events upon request.

Parents, teachers and children can benefit from the vital information that these volunteers can offer to the students in their classrooms. Presentations are tailored to the age of the students and often includes local knowledge such as flood prone areas and historical information.

Other information that a presentation may include is:

  • Being prepared for floods and storms
  • How to respond and recover from these events
  • How to call for SES response.
  • The role of SES in emergencies
  • Specialized equipment demonstration 
  • Local risks
  • Historic flooding in the area
  • Protecting your family and property
  • Understanding BOM Flood Watch and Flood warnings
  • Having a home emergency kit

The SES Paddy the Platypus may also be available to make a school visit.

For more information on the SES visiting your school please telephone Lyn Little on 8463 7931 or mobile 0407 794 756 . You can also register your interest by filling in this online form.


More Information for Schools


FloodSafe for Schools

Paddy and John

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) in collaboration with all Australian States and Territory's State Emergency Services, have developed a national Natural Hazards Safety Program , utilising characters from the Li'L Larrikins cartoons to deliver safety messages to children aged 5 to 12.  Further teaching resources are being developed in line with national curriculum standards for the program. little larrikins logo

The Emergency Management Australia (EMA) provides national leadership in the development of measures to reduce risk to communities and manage the consequences of disasters. They also conduct an extensive program of education and training.

The EMA website includes a section designed especially for use by schools. It is a comprehensive resource on Emergency Management for Australian students and teachers from late primary school to late secondary school. It contains many generic lesson plans, images, history, links and other information for learning about all aspects of emergency management.

If you would like further information visit the Emergency Management Australia (EMA) for Schools website.

If you would like Paddy and the FloodSafe team to visit your school contact the FloodSafe Co-ordinator.