Flood Management and Warning System for South Australia

A new flood monitoring system (FloodMon) which can help predict flash-flooding is set to revolutionise the way authorities manage the risk of flood impacts across the State. FloodMon combines near real-time data, such as rain and water level gauge readings, with forecast information like rain radars to help emergency managers assess conditions, predict flash flooding and issue warnings. It is cloud based and will be available to flood emergency managers in state and local government.

The procurement, customisation and deployment of FloodMon is a collaborative project between the South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES), the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) as the states flood Control Agency and Hazard Leader respectively, and was funded by the Commonwealth-State Disaster Resilience Program. The system has been designed and developed by Reliant Systems Pty Ltd, who worked closley with SASES and DEWNR to customise it to South Australia's needs.

During flood emergencies, specialist DEWNR hydrology staff working in the SASES State Control Centre will use FloodMon to interpret near-real time and historical flood information to identify emerging flood threats and provide advice to the SASES for community information and warnings.

FloodMon will enable first responders to better allocate resources, provide more timely warnings to the community and have a whole-of-state common operating picture for storm and flood events.

SASES in conjunction with DEWNR, will continue to develop and enhance the system.

For more information on how the SASES and DEWNR are using FloodMon in South Australia please contact the SA SES Flood Project Team.