Junior Puzzle

What is the secret behind SES Volunteers keeping their socks dry in their boots during a flood? Click here and click on each number in order from 1 to 17 to find out.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you reunite the SES Volunteers so they can make this collapsed building site safe? Click your mouse on the puzzle piece that you want to move, then click it again in the location where you would like to move it. Click here to start playing

Slide the Tiles Puzzle

SES Volunteers Search and Rescue Team save the day again by reuniting a little girl with her mummy. You can scramble the tiles by clicking on the link, then place your mouse over a tile near the blank tile space and unjumble the tiles. If you can't solve it again by yourself, just click on the Solve link to unjumble the picture. Click here to start playing

Other Emergency Safety Games

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