Severe Weather Response

In South Australia, the State Emergency Service is the Control Agency for Severe Weather. The SES is always on alert when severe weather or flood warnings are issued.

SES - Roles - Extreme Weather Response - Storm - Aldergate 2014Severe weather can wreak havoc on communities. SES volunteers are trained to respond to emergency situations such as:

  • floods
  • structural damage to buildings and houses caused by severe winds and storms
  • fallen trees
  • accidents and injuries due to blackout
  • hailstorm damage



When severe weather causes unsafe road traffic conditions, personal injuries or events such as fire caused by lightning strikes, the SES may also assist other emergency services agencies such as SA Ambulance, SA Police, Metropolitan Fire Service and the Country Fire Service.

To help minimise the impact that severe weather has on you, check our Hazard Advice pages on Storm and Flood. The advice includes what to do prior to severe weather occurring, and preparing an emergency plan.

Waterfall Gully storm damage