Swiftwater rescue team in action

Although South Australia appreciates the much needed rain, it can cause some unforeseen problems when we get too much of it at once.  The special operations Swiftwater rescue team were recently called out to an incident in Macclesfield where a cow had been swept along and caught in the Angas River. Unfortunately the cow didn't survive but was still caught in the rising river by branches and other debris. If left there this could pose a public health risk.

On this occasion the banks of the Angas River were too soft and slippery to find a safe spot to set up their winches and secure the cow. They needed to harness the cow and drag it a further 20 metres up the river and utilise their tracked bobcat in order recover it.


Below:  A few members of our swiftwater team getting ready to brave the chilly Angas River.

utilising the bobcat
its time to get into that cold water Above:  Fixing the bobcat into positionswift water team training
  Above:  The swiftwater team in training