Community Engagement & Education

FloodSafe for SchoolsOne of the main priorities of the SES is to educate the community to be more resilient and better prepared when emergencies occur.

Our Floodsafe, Heatsafe and Stormsafe projects use existing State Emergency Service volunteers, as well as new community volunteers with good presentation skills, to reach into communities to raise awareness.  The focus is risk, consequences and self-help.

The volunteers talk to community groups, local residents, businesses and schools about what they can do reduce the risk of damage and improve the resilience of their community if damage should occur.

SES Community engagement consists, but is not limited to;


  • Displays and demonstrations for events
  • Networking with local stakeholders and community around community education issues
  • Preparing and delivering talks for presentations
  • Talking to local schools and other community groups
  • Engaging with local people (residents, business owners, land owners) about their flood , storm and heat risk and formulating plans
  • Working with other SES Units to promote and recruit in their community

Enfield SES Unit Volunteer, Stuart hands out information to member of the community at Parafields Bunnings. How to stay safe in the heat. 1 February 2014SES Volunteer, Chris Ainsworth provided valuable heatwave advice to arrivals at Adelaide airport 12 February 2014Brooklyn Park FloodSafe Meeting